Reproduction of artworks

for the production of editions in digital printing and for catalogs

We reproduce i.a. paintings, drawings, collages, architectural plans, paper works, fabric works, sculptures and installations.

Reproduction of an artwork: calibrated workflow under norm light D50
  • Large artworks, which do not fit on any scanner
  • Uneven artworks, such as collages
  • Artworks with fragile surfaces that must not be pressed / touched (e.g. pastel painting)
  • Artworks with varnished surface
  • Thin, unstable, non-flat works that have to be brought into flatness by means of a suction wall
  • Artworks with damages that are to be restored later
  • Permanently framed works
  • Special orders


  • 50-megapixel back
  • High quality reproduction lenses
  • Flash system with extra-large softboxes for optimal illumination
  • Laser-adjusted plane-parallel alignment of camera and image; enables sharpness over the entire surface up to the edges and corners
  • Use of a suction wall for optimum flatness of non-mounted paper works
  • Floating camera for objects that must lie flat and cannot be positioned vertically (e.g. large fabric works)

… and twenty years of know-how in the field of reproductions

Reproduction setups

Decision support: Reproduction or scan?

Important to know

  • Mounted and non-mounted works up to 117 x 181 cm
  • Works on stretcher frames up to 120 cm x 200 cm
  • Works with glossy varnish on stretcher frames up to 110 cm x 200 cm
  • Works to be reproduced lying down (e.g. fabric works, carpets): max. 150 cm x 220 cm
  • Larger artworks: possible on your premises, in a gallery, museum or studio
  • A reproduction produced by us always includes postproduction. The reproduction file on a calibrated monitor is compared with the original under D50 standard light (5,000 K) in such a way that the maximum possible match (e.g. colors, contrast, detail reproduction) is achieved. For optimal color matching, the KODAK Color Card (KODAK Color Patches and KODAK Gray Scale) is reproduced with each reproduction. On the basis these are made first the basic color adjustments.
  • Additional retouching or partial restorations can be carried out in the following
  • You will receive one TIFF file per reproduction.
  • The output format is between A2 (42 cm x 60 cm) and 100 cm x 150 cm at 300 dpi or larger, depending on agreement and technical feasibility.
  • As a rule, we only make reproductions that are subsequently also printed by us (minimum print quantity per reproduction: 1 print). Special arrangements by agreement.
  • For artworks with white borders or large white areas, the “white” can never be displayed as 100% white (RGB 255-255-255). Paper always has an inherent color (paper color). In addition, a scanner or camera also perceives and depicts optical brighteners differently than the human eye.
  • In the later print from the reproduction file, therefore, it is not the paper white of the printed paper that is visible at these areas, but the color tone of the paper white of the original.
  • Neon colors cannot be fully represented by the printer because they are partly outside the color space used.

Price list reproductions

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All prices can be found in the price list. Please note the minimum order quantities.

For larger quantities or special requests we will be happy to make you an offer.

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