FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Can I also have single prints made at Digital Darkroom Berlin?

Yes – for all prints larger than A2, i.e. printing on roll paper.

No – for prints on sheet paper. Minimum order quantities apply here:

Paper formatPaper sizeMinimum order quantities
DIN A421.0 cm x 29.7 cm5
A3+32.9 cm x 48.3 cm2
DIN A242.0 cm x 59.4 cm2

It goes without saying that even for small jobs, we advise you with regards to the paper, and check your data for technical printability. We set up the printer before each new job and carry out a nozzle test or print head cleaning to make sure that you will get your perfect print.

Each of your prints on sheets is individually wrapped in a PAT-tested glassine sleeve, plus a folder for transport, both free of charge. For large prints on roll paper you can purchase a stable, reusable transport box (16 cm x 16 cm x 120 cm), which is even suitable for shipping rolled prints. The print itself is wrapped in PAT-tested tissue paper.