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Do you also offer borderless (full bleed) printing?


And with good reason: full bleed printing means that for technical reasons, a little ink is also printed beyond the edge into the collecting felt. This can cause the next print to possibly be soiled on the back. However, we also want to offer every artist a perfect backside.

Information on the maximum print areas or margins to be applied can be found here.

My print files already correspond to the file specifications of Digital Darkroom Berlin, I have read the price list and I know on which paper I want to print. What is the next step? What is the next step?

Print order

You know exactly what you want to print? Then please send us your files by Wetransfer or Dropbox (Please do not use Google Drive!) and your request via e-mail (mail@digital-darkroom.de). You will then receive an offer from us and subsequently an invoice. You can pay the invoice by bank transfer in advance or by PayPal. Afterwards we start with the printing. Pick-up is usually 24 h to 36 h after printing. We will arrange an appointment with you.

Minimum order quantities

Please note the minimum order quantities (see pricelist).

File Specifications

Delivered files must correspond to the file specifications with regard to their technical properties (profile, resolution, dimensions, trimming etc.). Digital Darkroom Berlin assumes no liability for faulty prints due to incorrect file properties (e.g. size, resolution, margins, inadequate retouching).

Should we have any questions regarding the order, we will contact you in any case.

How can I send my files to Digital Darkroom Berlin?

You can send your data by Wetransfer or Dropbox to mail@digital-darkroom.de. Please do not use Google Drive

Which paper fits best to my image? Do you offer paper advice?

You will find a first orientation regarding paper selection here.

If you have any further questions, please call. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the appropriate paper.

I would like to order a larger number of prints – is there a discount?

We will be happy to make you an individual offer. You can find the regular prices on our price list.

I have other questions about the printing process – can you help me?

Please send an e-mail to mail@digital-darkroom.de or call us.

Which file format should my print file have?

Best results are achieved with TIFF files at 300 dpi resolution in the Adobe RGB 1998 color profile. Should the resolution not be sufficient, the same final print size can be printed with only 180 dpi with no visible quality reductions. High quality prints can also be made from JPGs (qualities 10 to 12).

Which color space should I choose for the print file?

The color spaces can be selected either as Adobe RGB 1998 (professional cameras) or sRGB (compact cameras, mobile phones).

Please note: You cannot create an Adobe RGB 1998 color space from an image photographed in the smaller sRGB color space, since data cannot be added by interpolation.

Which file format should my print file have for B&W prints?

Create your file as TIFF or JPG with 300 dpi in the profile Adobe RGB 1998. Please include a B&W layer in the final file. You can leave this as it is or reduce it to the background layer. Alternatively, you can also create the TIFF file in the Gray Gamma 2.2 profile.

Tip: Proceed as suggested above if you are not sure whether the scan is really only B&W. Many times, the scans of B&W films are delivered as B&W in the format RGB, but they still contain some smallest colour information (scanner lamp). These are then visible in the print as color fringes.

For A4, A3+ or A2, should I put the white border in the image?

No. We print your file centered on the sheet. Please do notplace the white border in your file, only the print area. The white border results.

Example: Print area (delivered file is e.g. a landscape format) is 30.0 cm x 45.0 cm. Printed on an A3+ sheet (paper size 32.9 cm x 48.3 cm), the theoretical margin is 1.45 cm top/bottom and 1.65 cm left/right. In fact, however, there is a technically determined size and parallelism tolerance of up to 2 mm measured to the paper edge for the margins.

Why A3+ paper format instead of DIN A3?

Papers available as sheet paper are traded in DIN format. We have replaced the DIN format A3 by the special format A3+. Why? DIN A3 has a size of 29.7 cm x 42.0 cm. The new special format A3+ has the larger dimensions 32.9 cm x 48.3 cm. Only on this paper format, the popular 30.0 cm x 45.0 cm image size can be printed centered.
A3+ is also the better option for other print formats. A larger white border can be left, so the image looks generously presented even without a passe-partout.

Should you for special reasons absolutely need prints in DIN A3, we can order this paper for you. Minimum order quantity 10 prints.