FAQ – Frequently asked questions

I have a large painting – can I print small-format editions of it?

Yes. We are most familiar with reproductions.

Many of our clients are outstanding artists. A painting or collage is unique, but also has its price. Moreover, it is available for only one person. In order to make their art accessible to more than one buyer, visual artists like to have high-quality reproductions of their originals made by us. In the post-production phase, we adjust these in detail with the original on a calibrated monitor under standard light D50 (5,000 K). The resulting file is then printed on the finest artist’s paper, usually in small-format limited editions.

Editions are not an invention of our time. Already in the 15th century, paintings (uniques) were copied by using copper engraving, at that time an inexpensive reproduction technique. Thus pictures as editions found a rapid and multiple distribution and increased the degree of fame of the respective creator. Today, more and more artists sell their works also through Instagram – with limited editions of unique pieces they offer potential buyers the ideal and affordable entry into collecting art.